What Is The Difference Between A Car Show And A Cruise-In?

Car gatherings are a fun way to get the car community of a certain area together. You can often find flyers with the titles of ‘car show’ or ‘cruise-in’ around your area. Unless you are a car junkie, you might not understand the difference between a car show and a cruise in.

Read more to find out all you need to know about what’s different between the two.

A Car Show

A car show is usually a lot large in terms of size and offers significantly more for the average car enthusiast. Most often than not car shows would have vendors selling food, music, collectibles and even car parts. As car shows are usually done on a bigger scale, there is almost always an admission fee that is to be paid. There are judges and trophies that are to given out to the best car of a certain category. Car shows are a whole day event, starting as early as 7:00 am and finishing up at around 4:00 pm. Car shows are a great way to get the family together and since they usually have a whole bunch of activities for everyone in the family.

A Cruise In

Then there are cruise-ins, these are more informal events that involve smaller groups of people that meet up at a parking lot or park. There is no admission fee that is to be paid, you’d generally just drive your car in and park. Cruise-ins are often referred to as ‘Show & Shine’ events. This is partly due to you shining your vehicle and then proceeding to show it off at the event. There may be some instances where a cruise-in could include prizes just like a car show though they might not be as big or expensive as the ones at a car show. Usually a cruise-in would have no more than 50 vehicles with everybody just taking a stroll to look around and have a quick chat with the other people attending. Cruise-ins also only last for a few hours, typically 3-4 hours at most.