How to Win a Car Show?

It is the desire of the staff here at and every car enthusiast to show their car collection and share it to everybody who has the same passion. Being able to join a car show is already an accomplishment much better if you can dominate by winning it. Having a unique and classy car may not be enough to win though. You need to consider certain aspects to make sure that you can bring home the trophy.

First thing you need to build a good reputation or friendly image to those who share the same passion as yours. You can do this by joining reputable clubs that will allow you to mingle with other car lovers. With this, you may discuss things like car show advice, schedules, etc. and you can also share and give each other inputs and assistance that may come in handy. By getting yourself known to the community of car lovers, you will have a better chance of getting voted whenever you enter a car show.

Before the actual show, you need to do a bit of research on what specific types of cars are involved in order to avoid attending events that are not suitable to the type of car you have. You can do this by calling the organizers for further inquiry and confirmation. Having considered this, you can now systematically clean your car and ensure detailed inspection is conducted for its quality. You also need to consider how you would display or present your car during the show. Try to emphasize any upgrade or modifications you did by installing lights that will focus to the specific spots. Lastly, you need to be able to describe and explain everything about your car to the judges. Although they are car experts/enthusiasts like yourself, they may not be able to spot all the magnificent work that you have done thus it requires thorough explanation.