How To Maintain Your Car For The Upcoming Car Show

Rookies who have never participated in a car show might not know how to prepare their car, beyond sending it in for a wash a day before the show. A car wash by itself isn’t going to do much to boost your chances of winning. Here are a few tips from on how exactly to maintain your car for the upcoming car show.

Start With The Bodywork

Auto shows are all about presenting the best possible version of the car. The car needs to look even better than it did when it was ready for collection at the dealership. Start by checking if the car has any dents, scratches or missing any key components on the outside. With no major dents, scratches or components missing, it’s time to work towards getting that perfect shine. Check to see if there is any oxidation on the paintwork, should there be any then a clay bar detailing is needed, one cannot wax or polish a car without first getting rid of all contaminants. Once clear of contaminants it’s time to start polishing the car to remove swirl marks, minor scratches or scuffs. Once polishing is complete and your car is all shiny, it’s time to keep it that way by applying a layer of gloss glaze sealant to further protect the shine. Finally, get the car waxed to bring out its true depth and warmth of the color.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Now that the bodywork is well-taken care off, it’s time to get the interior parts of the car cleaned as well. Start with all the interior components and make your way to shining the leather seats. Windows should be cleaned right before the show itself but everything else can be done much earlier. Don’t forget to clean hard to reach places like the armrest, under the seats and glovebox. The exterior parts like the wheels and light need to be cleaned as well. A stiff brush with a spray bottle will do.

Finishing Touches At The Show

Be sure to bring a spray and a microfiber cloth at the show to rid some last-minute dirt that may have found its way onto the car on its journey there. Apply a layer of tire shine once the tires do not have to turn anymore to make the car stand out.