How to Get a Classic Car Ready for a Show

Do you need to get your classic car ready for a car show? Read more

Having accumulated several years, a classic car can only get pricy provided that they are well taken care of. In order to show your car’s beauty at a show, you need to do several steps as part of the preparation. You need to prepare/inspect the bodywork and the rest of the exterior as well as the interior.

Having an unblemished bodywork and exterior is an important feature because it will give the viewers the first impression. You need to check for presence of dents, scratches, and rusts that might devalue your car. You must have a systematic way of checking. It could either be from top to bottom or front to back ensuring that the entirety is inspected. If you notice the presence of any dents, scratches, and rusts, you might seek the help of professionals. You can remove dirt by using specialized cleaners. Make sure to also check under the hood, as this is the favorite place for that stubborn dirt to hide. You should avoid washing your classic car as this might cause further rusting and some of the delicate valves might get blown off if flushed with air and water. It is also important to inspect the car’s paint making sure that there are no dull portions and it is consistently shiny. This is of course after you have fully cleaned and waxed your car. You should also check for the completeness of components and make sure to replace even the tiniest parts.

The same attention must be given to the car’s interior. Depending on the materials used, be sure to use only the dedicated cleaning products in order to avoid any damage. You can also use special glass cleaners to remove stains that would compromise your car’s value upon inspection. Don’t forget to clean the floor mats and carpet by thorough vacuuming and by brushing it using foaming upholstery cleaner. And lastly, don’t forget to clean the trunk as this also gets inspected at a car show.