How Long Does An Oil Change Take At A Mechanic?

Changing car engine oil is part of the responsibilities of being a car owner. It should be conducted on a regular basis at least every five thousand miles or every six months depending on how much you drive your car. The process is not that complicated however it can take longer if you do it yourself for the first time. The best option is to have the oil change at a mechanic or service centers visit us for a quick easy oil change service.

The typical time for oil change at a mechanic would normally run for about twenty to forty-five minutes, this however will be dependent on the number of customers who queued ahead of you and it is also dependent on which service center you chose. It will take this long because part of the oil change is the replacement of oil filters and oil seals. Also depending on the type and model of car you have, opening the oil pan’s drain plug may take longer time than usual because some car models have this underbody panel that needs to be removed first before you can access the drain plug. In addition to that, newer car engines have this filter which is held in place with the filter cap, so removing it will also consume additional time.

Aside from the usual mechanic/service centers, there is this quick lube shops that specialize in fast oil changes. For this type of shop the car owners can drive their car straight into the maintenance bay and have the oil change right away on the spot. The owner may opt to stay inside the car while the work is being conducted. These shops are considered quick stop that can be compared to a drive-thru car washers in which the owner can even do the payment without the need of exiting the car.