May 18, 2019

Get to know us


Thanks for stumbling upon my blog and taking time to know about me.

My name is Kimberley Lynch and I am a Full-time mom and part-time blog writer here on my blog to share my experience about Auto repairs and servicing of show cars.

Before I started this blog, I used to work as a business manager at the local auto repair shop where we served a lot of happy customers with their show cars and help them with the car shows and expos. I have overall 9 years of experience in the Auto repair and servicing field.

I help my readers by making it easier for them to find, qualify and select the best auto repair shops nearby them which can help them, especially with show cars.

Show cars are special and hence they require special treatment and you should only let a trusted and certified expert to touch your car for any type of repairs and servicing. I help you out with the selection process and DIY hacks to solve some of the issues on your own.

Please do let me know how I can make this blog a better place for our other fellow car owners using the contact us page. I look into all my reader’s suggestions and try to improve this blog every day.