Do’s and Don’ts At A Car Show

Car shows are filled with expensive cars, lots of people and so much going on all at once. It can sometimes be a whole lot to take in especially if you are not a car junkie. Fret not Callahan Automotive has compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for you to have a look at.


Ask as many questions as you can. Car enthusiasts love talking about how fast their cars can do the quarter mile. Besides that, don’t be afraid to ask about a car’s history, modifications or restorations done. You’d be surprised by how passionate the guys at the car shows are when it comes to cars.

Make sure you bring the whole family along. Car shows are meant to be experienced by people of all ages. It can be a great way to spend some quality time with the whole family together and learn a few things along the way about the different kinds of cars out there.


Look but don’t touch. It is best to keep your hands off the paintwork, a lot of time was spent getting the car all clean and spotless for the day and the people in charge or even the owners would not appreciate you getting your fingerprints all over the car. If you have to touch or would like to try out a feature, be sure you ask for permission first.

Don’t be impolite. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but public events like car shows probably aren’t the best place to voice out your unwarranted opinions. Just because someone’s modification isn’t to your liking, you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to be a “negative nancy”. Car owners are often camped close to their cars so if you’ve got something bad to say about a particular car then it’s best to keep that thought to yourself until after the car show.

Don’t take what isn’t yours. To put things in the simplest possible way, don’t steal. There’s nothing good that is bound to come out of this. After all, you wouldn’t want to be the one the cops have to drag out in the middle of the show for attempting to steal something.